…we aim to contribute to the fame of the Hungarian wine by reviving our traditions and producing unique wines.

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Hungary’s three most distinctive wine regions: the best of Tokaj, Somló and Villány in Zsirai bottles.

Szent Tamás Tokaji Furmint

The first vintage of our Szent Tamás vineyard
The sip is very intense, almost exploding in the mouth. Super balance, nice minerality, very concentrated wine with a long finish. More info

Tokaj Dry by Zsirai

A blend of furmint and hárslevelű.
Entry-level wine of our winery. This fresh, dry, easy-to-drink wine has many flowers and fresh yellow fruit in its taste and smell. More info

Tokaji Aszú

Wine specialty of the Tokaj wine region
Super concentrated, complex, golden-colored wine with high sugar content, refreshing high acidity and a lot of aromas. More info

Tokaji Hárslevelű Betsek

Wine speciality from Betsek vineyard
Beautiful Clear yellow color with notes of honey, Ambrosia Apple, pineapple and Asian pear. This is an aromatic dry wine and long on the palate. More info

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Wines of Hungary

When people think about Hungary, it’s often its unique thermal baths, rich architectural heritage or
popular natural sights, like Lake Hévíz or Lake Balaton, that come to mind. However, Hungary also
possesses another treasure, which, until recently, has only been discovered by a few: Hungarian wine

Source: Wines of Hungary – Personally

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Tokaj wine region

It’s hard to talk about the region and Tokaj wines without getting emotional. This area is not simply a wine region to us, but it’s rather a part of our national identity. The first written record of vineyards in Tokaj dates back to 1252. Tokaj is still a demarcated wine dis-trict, where the two most important grape varieties out of the six permitted are Furmint and Hárslevelű. Since the early 2000s, these two varieties have also been used to make high-quality, full-bodied dry wines here, which faithfully reflect the distinctive taste of the volcanic terroir.

Source: Wines Of Hungary – Personally

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Mád has always been a significant village of the Tokaj terroir. Noble families bought vineyards around Mád, and built or bought cellars in the village.

  • Ma ád” means – gives today, became Maád, or Mád as it is called today.
  • Isten” means – God, appears in the name of the Isten hill, where Árpád rested.
  • szerencsét” means – luck, in the name of the village Szerencs.
  • tályon” means – on this land, appears in the name of Tállya.
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